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How about a private yoga lesson gift for your wife who is usually busy with housework, childcare and work?

Now you can take yoga lessons anytime, anywhere in Japan (online from 7:00 to 22:00)

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5 times plan: 55,000 yen

10 times plan: 100,000 yen


Hilton Tokyo 3rd Floor Key Yoga Studio (spa + free parking)

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5 times plan: 45,000 yen

10 times plan: 80,000 yen


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Our Offer


・ Yoga to boost immunity

・ Yoga to prepare the autonomic nerves

・ Diet yoga flow

・ Yoga to increase flexibility

・ Yin yoga

・ Aroma yoga

・ Yogarate (yoga + karate)


We have prepared programs such as

 An original yoga program tailored to each student's physical condition and lifestyle.