Vinyasa Yoga

Designed to progressively open the body, each sequence in a Vinyasa yoga class builds upon the previous, evolving into deeper, more advanced postures as the practice unfolds. The entire practice culminates with a deep sense of mindfulness, self-connection and ease.

What is Vinyasa Yoga

The word “vinyasa” comes from the Sanskrit word nyasa, which means “to place,” and the prefix vi, which means “in a special way.” In yoga, it describes a style in which the transition from one pose to the next is coordinated with the breath and flows from one posture to the next

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Vinyasa Yoga Principles

Hatha Yoga places great importance on diet, purification processes, regulation of breathing (Pranayama), and the adoption of bodily postures called asanas, which structure a program of physical exertion.

Hatha Yoga is the six-limb yoga (Shatanga Yoga). These six limbs are:

  1. Asana – steady comfortable state of body and mind

  2. Pranayama – expansion of capacity to retain prana

  3. Pratyahara – withdrawal from the sensory input

  4. Dharana – bringing the mind to one single point

  5. Dhyana – observing the self

  6. Samadhi – becoming free from Maya

Key Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Researches that focuses specifically on the benefits of hatha, suggest the hatha yoga may have a variety of benefits, including: 

  1. Less anxiety: Results from a 2016 meta-analysis of 17 studies (501 patients) provide preliminary support for hatha as a treatment for anxiety

  2. Better balance: A small 2014 study involving 34 men found that those who completed a five-month hatha yoga program were able to better their postural control. Based on those results, the authors conclude that hatha yoga training can improve body balance.

  3. Fitness improvements: A 2015 study of Chinese adults discovered that a 12-week hatha yoga program had positive effects on several components of fitness including cardio endurance, muscle strength and endurance, and flexibility

Vinyasa Yoga Classes in Tokyo

Key Yoga Studio, a bilingual yoga studio based in Shinjuku provides the best quality hatha yoga classes to the clients in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages. The yoga teachers at Key Yoga Studio have 8-20 years of experience in Hatha Yoga. The Key Yoga Studio team works together to fulfill the needs and requirements of the clients putting clients above everything. 

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